Casablanca Hotels Reviews

When you visit Morocco, a visit to Casablanca is a must. Casablanca is the capital of Morocco. It is the largest city in the country and famous for its outdoor markets. There are many luxurious hotels to accommodate you. They would not be high on your pockets and would take care of your needs and provide you with a fantastic vacation in the vibrant city.

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Hyat Regency Hotel

Hyatt Regency

This five star hotel is strategically situated in the heart of the city with elegant furnished rooms and lobbies. As you arrive to check in, you are sure to receive a friendly and warm welcome. Hyatt Regency comprises of 255 rooms and suites, which are large and spacious with proper air conditioning and neatly maintained. You simply cannot miss the sumptuous breakfast served by the attending staff. Or there is breakfast buffet arranged in style to tease your appetite.


Golden Tulip Farah Hotel

Golden Tulip Farah Hotel

This is a charming hotel, with an expression of luxury with its excellent services, genuine hospitality and extreme comfort. You feel welcomed, as you enter the large, tastefully decorated lobby with elegant furnishing and a well-structured sparkling fountain.

Hotel Le Royal Meridien Mansour

Le Royal Meridien Mansour

This five star hotel is centrally located and offers panoramic views of the harbor and the Hassan II mosque. The Anfa Royal Golf club is just three kilometers away from the hotel and very close to the main shopping and business areas.


Hotel JM Suites

JM Suites

This four star contemporary hotel is situated in the heart of the business city center and about two kilometers away from Median. There are fully equipped spacious suites of different types, which have a rich elegance and provide for great luxurious boutique setting, built in a fashionable style.

Idou Anfa Hotel

Idou Anfa Hotel

This is a three star hotel and is one kilometer away from the city center and 25 kilometers away from the airport and just about 10 kilometers from the beach. It is situated 2 kilometers away from the Hassan II mosque. It is a 16-storied building with 220 guestrooms with modern amenities.


An Overview Of Hotels In Casablanca, Morocco

Casablanca was made popular by Humphrey Bogart’s movie with the same name and title, Casablanca. Casablanca is the most modern and attractive city in Morocco. The skyline of Casablanca is dotted with skyscrapers and the city with numerous business centers. It has areas with structures depicting the French era. Other locations that are a must to visit are the Parc de la Ligue Arabe and the King Hassan II Mosque providing you a glimpse to admire the wonderful craftsmanship, furnishings and the splendor of the Arab world. The city is a commercial hub and not very far from the many European airports, making it an important part of your itinerary.

If you plan to stop and stay in Casablanca for a few days, there are many luxurious hotels on offer to suit your pocket. There are some splendid Five Star Hotels right in the heart of the city like the Royal Mansour Meridien, Sheraton Casablanca Hotels and Towers, Hyatt Regency etc. These hotels are built keeping in mind the needs of travelers of all sorts, whether for leisure or business trips. They generally house suites and rooms for the tourists. The air-conditioned rooms are mostly decorated with rich and elegant furnishings to allow the guests to feel relaxed. The hotels serve sumptuous cuisines at their restaurants with a mix of European and Moroccan flavors. Internet facilities are also provided at most of these hotels. Most of them even have fitness centers, swimming pool, spas, hammams and beauty care centers. These hotels are not far off from the retail markets and the nearest beach is just one kilometer away. The close proximity to the airport and other transport systems make these hotels perfect locations, even for a short visit to the city or a stopover, before moving ahead to other towns.

There are some other low budget hotels located in the central part of the city like the Best Western Hotel, Toubkal, Hotel Idou Anfa, Ramada Almohades etc, with pretty decent accommodation. Their architecture is generally a blend of modern features and contemporary furnishings giving a superb feel. Hotels like the Ibis Moussafir City Center are huge, with simplified furnishings and offer very good services. The restaurant here serves some very balanced and tasty cuisines to suit every taste bud. Hotels like the Azur Hotel are not far from the beach and have a beautiful view of the Atlantic sea from the attached open balconies. Guest can find it relaxing or one can sunbathe on the sides of the outdoor pool and even kids have a special kid’s pool to splash around. Many of these hotels also have bars by the poolside or on the terrace. There are nightclubs to hangout or dance the night away. The rates vary depending on the type of hotel. There are accommodations available right from $75 to even $400.

The beautiful Hassan II Mosque is a must for visitors to Casablanca. It is a magnificent piece of architectural beauty and among the few mosques, where visitors are allowed to enter. Other places like the Rick’s Café are a must, if you are a Bogart fan. The airport is not far off and you can reach most of the hotels in about 30 minutes or so by car. Some hotels may also offer transportation with some fees. You can travel to other cities by trains, which are extremely clean and comfortable.

Whether you spend several days here or decide to simply camp around for a while, you will find the city of Casablanca unique with past traditions and modern elements intertwined and mingled to perfection.