Ramada Les Almohades Hotel


Tangier, which is one of most beautiful cities of Morocco is a perfect destination to holiday with your loved ones. Tangier has been attracting tourists in large numbers. There are several hotels here and among them is Ramada Les Almohades hotel, which is a perfect place to reside. This five star hotel is listed among the finest hotels of Morocco. Ramada Les Almohades is loved for its heritage and hospitality. Hotel Ramada Les Almohades is located just 5 minutes drive from the downtown. The hotel is strategically situated facing the ocean.

Ramada Les Almohades Hotel
Hotel Tangier
Ramada Les Almohades Room


It comprises of 138 luxurious rooms and suites, and has a perfect atmosphere to unwind. You will be delighted to see the lovely views from your room. All the suites and rooms are well furnished and equipped with latest amenities. Ramada Les Almohades hotel offers great dining experience. The Phenicia Morocco restaurant is the perfect place to indulge in traditional Moroccan delicacies. This restaurant serves the typical Moroccan dishes cooked in various styles. Apart from Moroccan cuisines, you can enjoy a wide range of International cuisines. Another restaurant to visit is Zellij restaurant that also offers finger licking delicious food that includes Moroccan and western dishes.

Leisure and Entertainment

You will find variety of activities conducted at the Ramada Les Almohades hotel. There is conference room for the business class and gym for the health conscious. Apart from the hotel facilities, you can also enjoy a long walk along the beachside. The evenings are simply fantastic and you will enjoy enchanting hotspots in and around the hotel.

This hotel is perfect for the romantic get away, teenagers, and business class. Every individual is sure to find amenities to boost their stay and retain their fun experience for long at Ramada Les Almohades.